Wednesday, March 21, 2007

March 12th

What a week! Kyle started his third week of radiation with the sun shining and temperatures in the low 70's. While that may make some people yearn for summer, it makes us think of sitting in the sun on fall afternoons and watching Husky Football! How were Kyle and Nicolas able to help meet our needs? By playing catch with Husky QB Jake Locker at Husky Stadium on a balmy Tuesday afternoon. The joy on those boys face (Jake included!) is hard to describe. True to character, Nicolas and Kyle chased Jake all over the field. They played catch. They ran plays. They raced up and down the entire length of the field. After an hour and a half they had pretty much tuckered Jake out!

Wednesday Kyle had his weekly appointment with Dr. Olson at Children's. It was a positive meeting as we are always happy to hear that Kyle is handling his treatments like a champ!

Kyle and Nicolas then kicked off the weekend with a jam session with Recess Monkey before the benefit concert on Saturday at the EMP. They took turns on the electric guitar and the drums making up their own tunes as they went. We were all blown away by the amazing turn out at the benefit. So many friends from past, present and future! Thank you to everyone who drove in the rain, battle for a parking space and left with their ears ringing with the joyful rock and roll stylings of Recess Monkey.
We are all extremely grateful for your generosity and positive thoughts. Kyle finished off the week sitting in his grammie's lap reading all the wonderful cards that his friends made at the benefit. Each one is special. The good wishes help Kyle rally for week number 4!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March 5, 2007

What a week! We are so overwhelmed by the support of all our friends (old and ones we are just meeting) at the fundraiser on Thursday night at Lulu. Nicolas and I were deeply touched by all the compassionate faces that filled the store. Thank you to everyone who stopped by that night, made a donation, bought a t-shirt, or has written a message. We know that all this positive thinking helps get us through each day.
Friday Kyle finished his radiation for the week and he and his dad headed to Happy Valley! Kyle spent the afternoon with his class and rode the bus home with his brother. He was so happy to see his friends and teachers wearing the shirts they had bought the night before!
Sunday we all headed up to Mt. Baker for the last day of ski school and the big race! Kyle finished in first place with a record time of 46.5 seconds! Fastest of the day to that point! It was a great day and we had fun skiing the "steep runs" with his friend Campbell Lund and watching Kyle take on the tables at the terrain park.
Last night we made our way back to Seattle to start week number 3 of radiation. Nine treatments down, 27 to go. We are excited for the concert at the EMP this Saturday. We look forward to seeing friends and watching all the kids shake their booties!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February 26, 2007

Here we go with week number two. Kyle's first treatment on Monday wasn't until 12:30 so he was able to spend a couple hours at the Cottage School with his friends before we left. What a treat. For sharing he brought his new skateboard deck that he got as a gift from Grind for Life and then I showed the class how we flush his pic line. (He has a pic line in his right arm so that when they put him to sleep everyday for radiation they don't have to put in a new i.v. every day. This way the meds go in and he is asleep in seconds). He had a great time letting his friends see how brave he is.

On the way down in the car he came up with a couple new jokes which have been making the hospital staff laugh all week:

Q: What do you call an anesthesiologist who helps kids?

A: A kidnapper! They take kids and make them nap!

Q: Why don't the germs like the alcohol pad that cleans my pic line?

A: They aren't 21 yet!

Kyle is developing a love for "giggle gas" and requests it everyday from the kidnapper. He loves to fall asleep now with the giggles.Thanks for all your notes, positive thoughts, and prayers. They make each day brighter.

February 20, 2007

(Kyle's mom, Christin, emailed us the following bit on Kyle's first day of treatment.)

Well, it is finally Tuesday morning. Kyle and I are just about to leave for UW Medical Center for his first day of "brain bump zapping". Kyle had his daily 2:00 AM turkey sandwich (editor's note: Kyle is taking steroids to reduce the swelling in his brain; the steroids also give him a ferocious appetite.) and then chatted with my mom while snuggling in her bed. He finally coaxed her into a game of Yahtzee at 6:30 AM. In true Kyle fashion he rolled a Yahtzee on his first roll of the game. He then proceeded to roll two more Yahtzees during the same game (does anyone else roll three Yahtzees in one game?). Kyle had his best score ever of 587 points. I can't think of a more appropriate sign for him that today will be a good day.